Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From Kyle Bond:
We would like to invite everyone out to Texas Hill Country Pod’s 19th Annual Chili Cookoff in Waring, Texas on December 3, 2011. Friday night will be a cooks party with food, fun and spirits. Bring your favorite games to play Friday and Saturday nite! Saturday turn-in times are Beans – 12pm, Green Chili – 1pm, CASI Chili – 2pm. And don’t forget the ever so popular Soup-Off at 7pm on Saturday nite! We are also having a Christmas Decorating contest at 6:30pm Saturday, so don’t forget to bring your favorite Christmas décor!! There is RV parking, but no hookups. Please contact Kyle Bond 830-459-0566, or Traci Bond 830-459-4797 if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there!

From Sherrie Davis:

From Darin Jester:
Where are you going to be when this year ends? How about spending it in Indiana with your chili family. Make plans to attend the 3rd Annual Hoosier Great Pepper’s New Years Eve CCO and the Hoosier Hangover CCO on New Year’s Day. Dinner and midnight toasting beverage is included with your $40.00 entry fee for New Years Eve. We will be cooking inside which means cooking space is at a premium so, please make sure you make your reservations soon. Attached are the flyers for both cookoffs. Both cookoffs will be held at the Country Inn and Suites hotel. Special room rate has been established for those of you who are attending both cookoffs. Rates are $79.00 a night. Make sure you mention the word “Chili” when making your room reservation to take advantage of the special rate. For questions please feel free to contact Darin Jester, flashoverchili@sbcglobal.net , or Tonya at crazyladychili@sbcglobal.net.  

From Dianne Stimson:
Well Folks yet another H-E-B Cook of has come and gone....Yes the 6th Annual Waco #5 H-E-B Cook Off was held on Saturday 11-19 and it did not do so quietly!!!  We braved the cold and very strong winds and when I say winds I mean it was windy , enough to blow a stove that had 2 pots on it and one pot did not survive....(sadly it was mine LOL oh well ).  I would like to THANK ALL 22 cooks who came out to support the cook off.  With out you, we could not have done it!!  I would like to thank my Head Judge, Donna Conrad; Dee Palmer and Johnnie Sullivan for monitoring; My tally crew, John Caffey, Steve Ashman, and Dee Palmer. H-E-B was very pleased with us as always and are once again planning next year cook off....now onto the results! And we were honored to have this years TICC Champion Larry Walton there as well!

21 chili judged

1. Grace Walton - Robinson, TX ( she beat Larry sorry had to Larry LOL)
2. James Trietsch - Waco,TX
3. John Caffey - Rockdale,TX
4. Benny Hay - Burleson,TX
5. Larry Walton - Robinson,TX
6. Randy Duke - Valley Mills,TX
7. Sue Caffey - Rockdale,TX
8. Jimmy Johnston - Corsicana,TX
9. Steve Ashman - Bastrop,TX
10. Angie Duke - Valley Mills,TX


1. Tall Boy Chili, John Caffey - Rockdale,TX
2. U Ownt-Too Chili, Dee Palmer - Mansfield,TX
3. Winks Surprise, Dianne Stimson - Crawford,TX

Then we went to H-E-B Mexia on Sunday 11-20.  Yes it was still windy, but even colder!  Despite that, we still had 17 BRAVE cooks come out and support the cook off, and THIS time I didn't lose my pot..... I did however have a brain fart and forgot to fill the cook's pot envelopes to be handed out at announcements.  It was then that I figured out what I had done,.....  Everyone got their cooks pot and had a good laugh...  I would like to thank my head judge, Donna Conrad; and Ron Baker for being the Referee and my Monitor; my tally team, John Caffey, Kris Hudspeth, and Donna Conrad. And again H-E-B was very pleased with us being there and is We are again looking forward to next year.....  Our TICC Champ, Larry Walton, was in attendance!!!! Now onto the results.....

17 chilis judged

1. Larry Walton - Robinson,TX
2. Kris Hudspeth - Garland,TX
3. Ron Baker - Ennis,TX
4. Donna Conrad - Crawford,TX
5. Angie Duke - Valley Mills,TX
6. Dianne Stimson - Crawford,TX
7. Kathryn Cavender - Stafford,TX
8. Randy Duke - Valley Mills,TX
9. Mike Rogers - Ennis,TX
10. Doris Coats - Irving,TX


1. Tall Boy Chili, John Caffey - Rockdale,TX

2. Winks Surprise, Dianne Stimson - Crawford,TX


From Lee Kroencke: