Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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Richard Knight


From Stephanie Parsons, Tequila Rose:   Request that each dessert cook for the Thursday Tequila Rose Desert Contest at TICC take an attractive photo of their dessert entry PRIOR to cutting and turning in for judging.  Please email the picture to:   jennwindsor@gmail.com  If you need help in taking picture of your dessert, please contact one of the CASI Directors.

From Ken Rodd:   LAST CALL FOR POD NEWSLETTERS FOR THE CASI CONTEST.   Deadline to submit is Thursday, September 20.  Submit your entry to:    casihotrodd@aol.com  Top 3 winners to be announced from the stage at TICC.  Make your POD proud and submit your entry.

From Connie Collier:  2012 TICC 42 Tournament

Monday, September 17, 2012

From Paul and Kathy Mulkey:  Update:  The CASI Chili Cook-off scheduled for September 29th-30th in Hobbs, NM, has been MOVED to the Eagles Lodge parking lot, 1200 E. White Street, Hobbs, NM. The activites in the Terlingua Trails such as Live Music & the auction will not be on site. There will be limited RV hook-ups and plenty of dry camping available. The charities have been changed to Saturday Eagles’ various charities and Sunday will be a Pod fund raising Chili-cookoff. Everything in the Terlingua Trails advertising these two cook-offs will remain the same. There will be a Pot-Luck on Friday night which will include hamburgers. Any questions, please call Paul Mulkey at 575-390-6184 or Kathy Mulkey at 575-390-6675, or email at katpaul2006@hotmail.com.

From Ralph Hay:   To All 320 Members:
I have decided to run for Alcalde again, and I am asking for everyone’s support and vote. 

     As always we need volunteers for the Friday Events at TICC.  We will need judges for the Salsa. Beans and Wings competitions as well as table monitors.  Please take the time to sign up as a volunteer. You can contact me on FB, send me an email at glendavrba@gmail.com , or call me at 469-386-5600 and I’ll put you on the list.
     We also need volunteers for veggie cutting Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm in the main pavilion. Please bring a knife, cutting board and a jug of water to wash the veggies.  Everyone knows we don’t have running water at the ranch in Terlingua…
      Also as a reminder we will be collecting Christmas toys for the school children in Terlingua at TICC again this year.  These children many times would get nothing for Christmas if it wasn’t for the generosity of the chili cooks.  And yes we will be more than happy to take cash donations if you don’t have time to buy a toy.  All toys should be unwrapped.  Let’s make every child in Terlingua happy this year at Christmas by bringing an extra toy or two to share! The school can also use wrapping paper so bring a couple of rolls with you they don’t take up much room.
      We are in need of someone with a truck to go to Alpine on Wednesday to pick up the judging supplies, water and sodas.  If you can make the trip please contact me for all the details.
      I’d like to just say thank you to everyone for your support of CASI and the various charities this past year and I look forward to seeing you down the chili trail soon.. See ya in Terlingua!
From Bruce Pinnell:  The CASI Ranch will have WiFi Service for TICC provided by Hill Country WiFi.  The service will be available from Oct 26th to Nov 4th @ 7AM.  The signal will be broadcast from the judging area, the River Runner area, and Krazy Flats area. This should reach most of the ranch. The cost will be $5/day or $20 for the whole event.  It will be offered on first come, first served basis.  The service is limited to 100 users so sign up early.
       To access the internet, select the ‘Rancho CASI’ network from your laptop.  Then, open your internet browser, select your plan (daily vs. whole event) and enter your credit card info on the secure web page.  That’s it.      
         Because the service uses relatively low capacity internet circuits (the fastest available in the area), you need to be aware of some restrictions before you sign up.  These restrictions are necessary to allow more people to have access to basic internet services.  The following uses will not be allowed, except in an emergency: Large updates from Microsoft, Adobe or Apple websites, video streaming from web cams, or recorded TV (Hulu), audio streaming from TV or radio stations, or video intensive gaming.  There is no restriction for normal email and web browsing activities.  There will be several websites that have free access.  These include the CASI website, major sponsor websites, the Weather Channel, and others that may be added for public safety reasons.  
      If you have questions about the service, please contact Bruce Pinnell at 210.372.0469. 
From Karen Wright:  Terlingua Five-0 Camp Theme This year is, "WILD WILD WEST". An Era of Old West Saloons, dancing girls Bartender and Saloon Piano player. Gunslinging outlaws like Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Dalton Gang. Cowboys, good Guys, Bad Guys, Bandits, Apache & Cherokee Indians, Town Sheriff and his Deputies not to mention The Town Idiot. Think Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp. Prairie Women...& Men moving West. Famous Women of the Old West like Belle Star & Calamity Jane. Mexican Bandidos, Gold Rush & more. We will recreate this Eventful Era in American History with all it's Iconic People, Places, Events and all the WILD WEST OUTFITS AND FASHION. Put your creative cap on, do some Wild West research and get ready to have some Fun!

From Lee Kroencke: Great cookoff in Norwich,KS. Results are;
10. Peggy Velasquez
9. Tracy Dononvan
8. Ed Parks
7. Jay McCleery
6. Jim Trump
5. Gail Stuart
4. Richard Hewlett
3. Steve Stuart
2. Cecilia Rivera
1. Shelley Kroencke

3. Gail Stuart - Many Colors
2. Lee Kroencke - Rough and Ready
1. Ed Parls -The Rescue Chili

From Tonya Jester:

Indiana State Chili Championship results. (drum roll)...
10. Larry Walton
9. Tonya Jester
8. Donna Rude
7. David Swaim
6. Rick Thomas
5. Rachel Thomas
4. Brian Spencer
3. Darin Jester
2. Trent Atwood - Q
1. Natalie Atwood - Q

1. Bob Hoffman, Red with Envy



Friday, September 14, 2012

Special Post

Special Post:
From Lee Kroencke: 

Please listen up - Our good friend Rick Poston wants you to know that the George Robinson Memorial CCO is taking place next Saturday, September 22th, at the Lamar County Fairgrounds on Hickory Street in Paris, TX. Casi Rules Apply, and this is Chili Grind only. Turn in is at 1:00pm, and Entry fee is $20. As many of you know this event was recently supported by popular vote of the Great Peppers. Please come out and support the Red River fair Charities. Earn those much needed CASI points too! Call Rick at 903-272-7156 for info or to let him know you are on the way to Chili, Charity, and Fun!


From Ken Rodd:  I used the new "on line" method on the new CASI website, www.casichili.net , to submit cookoff results along with the sanctioning fees.  I found submitting this way was very user friendly and the entire process was easy and quick.  I encourage everyone to try it when you have cookoff results to submit.

From Joe Trigo:  The Chilirado cookoff on October 13th is the official SOT Pod cookoff.   The flyer in the September Trails (p.24) is the official flyer and ad for the cookoff. There was some confusion because the listing (p.29) did state SOT Pod Cookoff. Any questions contact Joe directly at:  joetrigo@hotmail.com .

From Ralph Hay:  Old 320 Alcalde
 *If you will not be using your TICC Site and/or you have given permission for someone to use your site, Please let know, We have a lot of cooks who like to cook in the 320 area but don’t have a permanent Site.  The more Cooks we have cooking in the 320 Area the better it looks to our Sponsors. 
   *All pods that has a 320 site, please let know who will be using those site.
   *Cooks that do not have a 320 site and want to cook in Arena you can check with me and I will find you a site to cook on, you do not have to be a 320 member to cook in the 320.
   *We are giving away two (2) Wendell Rankin stoves for 2 lucky winners that are cooking in the 320 area.
   *There will be a meeting for 320 members Fri., Nov. 2 immediately after announcements of the Scholarship Cook-off Events.

Contact me:  rhay16@comcast.net or 713-475-1660

From Richard Knight:   As you travel throughout the world on vacation or business trips, please send me a picture of you reading the Terlingua Trails in front of a landmark.  Let's us see where the Trails can turn up in worldly travels.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Old 320:  The old 320 meeting will be held on Friday, Nov 2, immediately after the Scholarship Day announcements.  This is an election year for the Alcalde position, so if you are interested in running for the Alcalde position please e-mail me at CASIChiliED@gmail.com

From Mrs. Renfro's Gourmet Salsa:   If you live in the Houston area or will be there this weekend, come to the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.  Some of our salsas are competing there.

Blast from the Past:  A great older video of the 1979 Chilympiad Men's Championship. View at:

From Jennifer Sherfield:   I just wanted to thank everyone that purchased a copy of the 2011-2012 Great Pepper's video.   I had lots of comments about the video.  I hope to make it bigger and better for next year.  The video consists of pictures of cookoffs from all over, the 2011 GP meeting and 2012 TICC.  If you would still like to purchase a copy of the video, please send an e-mail to jennifer.sherfield@yahoo.com or mail a $5.00 check made out to the CASI Scholarship Fund to:  502 W. Commanche,  Hobbs,  NM 88240.  I can either bring your copy to TICC or mail disk back to you.  Hope to hear from you.

From Patti Meyers:  We are having a Chili Diva BBQ Ball on Friday after the scholarship day announcements from 6 to 8 at the new Louisianne pavilion in Krazy Flats. We will be serving the BBQ that is from the Tequila Rose BBQ cookoff that in the past has just been thrown away. This was offered to us to do and I jumped on it. We will sell plates for $5 minimum donation and the money raised will go to Skyeward Bound Ranch for children with special needs such as Autism. This is a special charity to Stephanie Parsons that does so much for CASI as the sponsorship rep from Tequila Rose.

Tequila Rose Toast:  2012 Great Peppers Meeting

Tarantula Tequila Margarita Pool Party with Casey Pilgreen entertaining:  2012 Great Peppers Meeting

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Great Pepper's voted to waive the advertising violations for the following September chili cookoffs, scheduled for 09/15:
  • Payson, AZ -  Chili Cookoff In High Country
  • Crane, TX   -  Jr. Livestock Show
  • Hondo, TX  -  Medina County Fair
Congratulations to Nancy Hewlett for her selection by the CASI Board of Directors to become the new CASI Scholarship Program Administrator.  The new 2012 scholarship application form can be found in the "Resource" section at www.chili.org .  

Many thanks goes to the retiring Barbara Herrin for her many years of service as the Scholarship Program Administrator.  Barbara now has more time to travel and cook chili and to enter Texas 42 tournaments.

RUMORS:  Heard that Gary Brignon passed his Bar Exam

FROM KEN RODD:  A reminder to all CASI Pods to submit their three (3) copies of their POD newsletter to Ken by September 20th.   Email entries to:   casihotrodd@aol.com

FROM TONYA JESTER:  Make your plans to cook at the Indiana State CASI Chili Championship this Saturday, Sept 15 at Red Bridge Park, 697 W. Jackson St, Cicero, IN 46034, on Morse Reservoir.  CASI's current reigning TICC Champ Larry Walton will be in the house (under the canopy) cooking up a pot of his winning chili.  Let's see if Larry has what it takes to complete in Indiana!  See the Indiana Pepper Pod page on faceabook for additional information.

2012 TICC Poster: 
  • Larry Walton will be signing autographs at TICC